Sunday, January 13, 2013

Multiple Sclerosis

A little while after my MS diagnosis, someone gave me a book called Taking Charge--Overcoming the Challenges of Long-Term Illness.  I looked through it.  It was depressing.  I decided I didn't need it since my MS was never going to be bad.  According to me. And since my neurologist still is pleased as punch that I can walk two or three miles with only a little left leg weakness (actually quite a lot of left leg weakness--I limp by the time I'm done and I walk really slow), it's easy for me to keep believing I dodged the MS bullet.  And I did in so many ways.  At least so far.  Hey, I don't use a cane.  I don't use a walker.  I don't use a wheel chair.  Things could be so much worse.  But, it doesn't mean I don't have MS.  I have plenty of symptoms.  Mostly invisible to most people.  I need to read the book.  I'm having a really hard time right now that I feel guilty that I can't do everything I used to do and I'm tired of pretending I can.  I've actually convinced the most important people in my life that I must just be lazy and that's why I don't do everything.  I also fear I may need to cut certain things out of my life--owning a home and pets, for example.  Oh, well.  What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.  Or sadder.  The challenge is to still be me in the best way I can.  Heavenly Father will help.


  1. 5 months later and how many pounds lost?? You are doing such a good job trying to take care of yourself! You don't have to read THAT book. You can read another one that's more positive. Or be like me, and google your health problems and read the links that you like best. :) Maybe not the MOST informative, but they answer the questions as they come. You are so lovely Pam. I'm sad I didn't officially start following your blog earlier as I forget to check it! (b/c you post infrequently- not because it is in any way forgettable :)

  2. We all have some system failure or dysfunction. It doesn't always show in public, but that doesn't mean it's not there. I just found out that I have primary osteoporosis, extraordinarily rare, but there you go...