Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Time to Kill in Limboland

Yup, that's right. To all of you who are racing around in the hampster wheel that you think your life resembles, I am leisurely meandering from one room to another looking for something to do. Should I read for an hour or two? Maybe. A crossword puzzle? No, I save those for midnight when I can't sleep--mostly because I slept in until 9:00 that morning. Gardening? Too hot. Seriously--the whole MS thing. Cleaning the house? I had company last week--the house is cleaner than usual as it is and living alone makes keeping it clean pretty easy unless the adorable grandchildren come over. (Please come over soon, adorable grandchildren!)

I just spent the last hour sorting through a closet. I found several things I didn't know I was missing: a necklace from Chile my brother brought back for me 40+ years ago, my Hebrew textbook from 1974, a Cinderella Pez dispenser, and several report cards from my children's school days. I stuffed one plastic grocery bag full of stuff to throw away (none of the above treasures) and plan to fill several more. I'd have kept going, but my feet fell asleep. I'll save the rest of the closet for tomorrow.

I guess I could watch TV. It's 4:00; surely there's something on. I could always watch a movie. I've already read a few articles on NPR's site and no one whose blogs I follow has been writing much lately. There's always scrapbooking. Funny how hobbies aren't as much fun when they're not what you do on weekends to change the pace of the working week. I'm certain there's some service I could do, but I actually visit taught yesterday, volunteered at the library for three hours and am considering making cookies for a missionary luncheon this Friday.

Why do I have so much time on my hands when most other people can barely fit in half of the things on their to-do lists? BECAUSE I AM UNEMPLOYED!!! There, now go ahead and try to envy me. I'd rather be ridiculously busy and earning money than have all this time, time, time, time.

I've been unemployed before. Like for the past 12 months. But even though I didn't have my own classroom to rule over, until a couple of weeks ago, I was busy subbing and tutoring, and judging the occasional debate tournament. Then when school got out, I was preparing for my son's wedding, and cleaning my horrible house for wonderful company. Now there's no viable work (okay, I did spend from 10:30 until noon today teaching four cute girls some origami and challenging them to a reading contest for which their mothers paid me, but that's only once a week unless more mothers want to get rid of their cute daughters for an hour and a half).

In short, I'm bored, broke and lonely. And anxiously waiting for a job so that I can once again be overworked and complain about how tired I am.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Starting Over

Oh, the possibilites this title hints at! New job? New home? New love? Nope. Just starting over with this blog. Why? Because I was really dumb when I started it the first time and attached it to my school email address in Nampa, which no longer exists. So, while I can log in and read my ancient essays, I can no longer add new entries. I tried to copy and paste them here so that I could have a continual blog (some were quite good, imho), but that would not work. Maybe I'll ask someone more competent--school's out, maybe there's a third grader who has some spare time. Anyone interested can read the old stuff at stmmto.blogspot.com

In the meantime, since I've started writing again with my writing group, I thought I would start trying out essays here again. So, to those 3 readers who occasionally visit, welcome back!