Thursday, June 9, 2011

Starting Over

Oh, the possibilites this title hints at! New job? New home? New love? Nope. Just starting over with this blog. Why? Because I was really dumb when I started it the first time and attached it to my school email address in Nampa, which no longer exists. So, while I can log in and read my ancient essays, I can no longer add new entries. I tried to copy and paste them here so that I could have a continual blog (some were quite good, imho), but that would not work. Maybe I'll ask someone more competent--school's out, maybe there's a third grader who has some spare time. Anyone interested can read the old stuff at

In the meantime, since I've started writing again with my writing group, I thought I would start trying out essays here again. So, to those 3 readers who occasionally visit, welcome back!

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